How do I use Groupview?

Groupview collects information about a company and its shareholders or subsidiaries. If specified in your search, Groupview will also collect information about the subsidiaries of subsidiaries or the shareholders of shareholders (and so on).

To run a search you will need to go to our home page (click our logo on the top left of the page).

  1. Type the name of the company you want to search for into the search box.
  2. Next, select whether you you like to run a "Subsidiary Search" or a "Shareholder Search". A Subsidiary Search collects information about your company's subsidiaries (and if specified, the subsidiaries of those subsidiaries and so on). A shareholder search does the same, except upstream.
  3. Specify the number of "Subsidiary Levels" and "Shareholder Levels" for your search (see below for more detail on what this means).
  4. Enter the email address that you want the results emailed to (if you have an account and are logged in, we will automatically email the address connected to your account).
  5. Click "Search for corporate group" and we will run your search. For searches of large corporate groups (especially where the company you searched for is listed or a nominee company), it may take up to 15 minutes to receive your results.
  6. Click the buttons in your email to view your search results (right click on the buttons to get the link to the files).

What are "Subsidiary Levels" and "Shareholder Levels"?

The first "Subsidiary Level" includes all subsidiaries of the company you search for. The second "Subsidiary Level" includes all subsidiaries of all subsidiaries of your company (and so on). "Shareholder Levels" has a corresponding meaning in relation to shareholders.

By specifying the number of levels of subsidiaries and shareholders to search for, we can ensure that you only receive information about relevant companies (rather than sending you information about every company on the Companies Register)!

Run a Subsidiary Search for information about a corporate group. If you are only interested in the companies owned directly or indirectly by a parent company (i.e. within a corporate group), we recommend that you run a Subsidary Search and specify 5 Subsidiary Levels.

Run a Shareholder Search to determine ownership of a company. If your company is listed or is otherwise widely held you may risk collecting information about companies that aren't relevant to your task (for instance, searching for all the shareholder's of a company that only holds 1.00% of the shares of the company you searched for). We recommend that you specify 3 Shareholder Levels. If some of the top shareholders are companies with large ownership stakes, rerun the search by specifying the shareholders of interest.

What is the "Company Summary" file I was emailed?

This file includes information about each New Zealand company captured by your search. Be sure to click through the different sheets in the file to see all information. For each company, you will see the company name, incorporation number, New Zealand Business Number, current and historical directors, current and historical constitutional documents avaliable on the Companies Register, Certificates of Incorporation and Company Extracts, along with the incorporation date of each company. We also will notify you if you could increase your search size to capture more entities in the Group.

What is the "Structure Diagram" I was emailed?

The Corporate Structure Diagram is an automated graph which shows you the subsidiaries or shareholders (depending on whether you ran a Subsidary Search or Shareholder Search) of the company caught by your search. Please email us at results@groupview.co.nz if you would like a custom diagram.

Is Groupview information up to date?

Yes, we collect all information immediately after you run your search. We pride ourself on being able to provide you with the all current Companies Office information without you needing to search the Companies Register yourself.

Can I increase the size of my search?

We would be happy to run any size of custom search for you. If you want to expand your search (such as if you need more Subsidiary and Shareholder levels to capture all relevant companies, or if your search "Timed Out"), please email us at results@groupview.co.nz.

I have feedback or want custom features – who do I talk to?

We would love to hear from you. Please email us at results@groupview.co.nz.